A Powerful Subject

Recently I had the privilege to work with 7th grade students who were studying the Holocaust. The students rewrote poems (in verse form) from testimonials by Holocaust survivors. They were then asked to create visual interpretations from the poems. Their teacher recognized that some of the children would struggle with a typical drawing representation and … More A Powerful Subject

The Shabbat Box

The following post is a guest post from fellow educator and teacher, Sharon Ramsey. She teaches Kindergarten at Barnert Temple Preschool and is slowly transforming her practice into an emergent curriculum using the Jewish tradition of shabbat as her springboard… The Shabbat Box by Sharon Ramsey In order to have a supportive and enriching environment, … More The Shabbat Box

Tic Tac Toe

It all started with Dr. Seuss and celebrating his birthday with the rest of America. We had a tic tac toe game for the children to cut out and learn how to play.  The game pieces consisted of birthday cakes and stovepipe hats. Some children understood “three in a row” while others struggled with it. … More Tic Tac Toe