The Snow Family

The following is a guest post from our three’s teacher, Jane Triglia. I encouraged Jane to write this post when I saw the snow people the children in her class created. It all started with a book and some eager children wishing for winter snow. We read the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert and discovered … More The Snow Family

A Beautiful Story

It was an awesome morning of engagement and purpose as I read this book to my K-2 religious school class. The children went home chatting about the story and I was in awe of how the lesson evolved. This beautiful story is about responsibility, kindness and respecting earth’s garden.  After God tells Noah to build … More A Beautiful Story

A Powerful Subject

Recently I had the privilege to work with 7th grade students who were studying the Holocaust. The students rewrote poems (in verse form) from testimonials by Holocaust survivors. They were then asked to create visual interpretations from the poems. Their teacher recognized that some of the children would struggle with a typical drawing representation and … More A Powerful Subject

The Shabbat Box

The following post is a guest post from fellow educator and teacher, Sharon Ramsey. She teaches Kindergarten at Barnert Temple Preschool and is slowly transforming her practice into an emergent curriculum using the Jewish tradition of shabbat as her springboard… The Shabbat Box by Sharon Ramsey In order to have a supportive and enriching environment, … More The Shabbat Box