A New School Year Awaits

Each August I begin to plan out the space in my classroom. This year we decided to update the learning space; with new paint on the walls, recycled furniture from dumpsters, garage sale treasures and small purchases from Ikea. We also were gifted with two homemade seating benches with cushions, (thank you to Jorge the maker, Alice the designer and Susie the sewing master.) All summer long loose parts have been collected for play. After a week of setting up, I am confident the children will be inspired by their new Fantastic space.  Here are some before and after shots.











The New Art Space.






Loose parts in the block area.


The art space from a different view.  The shelves on the wall are actually drawers from a dresser.



Thank you Alice for creating and designing this birthday board for us. I love starting the year with a blank canvas!


Shelves (from the dumpster) work beautifully on a peg board to hold children’s water bottles and maybe a stuffed animal or two.


After furniture was rearranged and all the loose parts found a home, I began to play, just for fun. Here is how;

When children first come in they can use the loose parts to rearrange the pieces to create faces. The mirrors help to encourage personal reflections.


The provocation extends to a table with Mr. Potato Head.


Have you ever read the Sleepy Little Alphabet?  A lovely book about uppercase letters as parents and lowercase letters as their children. A provocation for letter matching with stones.


More letter reflection with letters and light..(Fantastics is the name of our Pre-K class).


A basket of little animals nearby to explore in a lantern.


A small space to discover and play with insects and bugs.


As the afternoon progressed, I realized it was time to go and begin my Labor Day weekend but not without looking around and smiling at all the possibilities for play.  On Tuesday I will return all the materials to their new home.  The tables will be empty for the first day of school on Wednesday. I set these provocations up to experience and visualize where this journey was headed. Excitement is in the air for the new year to begin!

Before I close I wanted to thank some of the people for the positive changes and hard work they put in to make this room so FANTASTIC!  Alice, Jorge, and Susie thank you for taking care of all the decorating details and seeing the vision. Sara Losch for your unwavering support and guidance.  My assistant teachers, Penny and Bernadette for sharing in the enthusiasm and supporting the team journey. And lastly, all the twitter peeps for their inspiration and knowledge sharing. Its going to be another awesome school year!

4 thoughts on “A New School Year Awaits

  1. As most “grown-ups” say who see your room, and you, in action: I wish I could go back to preschool to experience all of this excitement, learning and fun firsthand!

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  2. I wish I could send this blog out to every educator on the planet! Nan, the photos, the writing, YOUR ENTHUSIASM is incredible. Lucky me that I get to see you in action everyday. I can’t wait to see how your students respond to this wealth of riches!

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