Through the Eyes of Each Other

Sometimes parents will ask if we take donations for the classroom. I usually say yes because honestly, I love FREE STUFF.  I consider them Loose Parts with an eventual purpose.  Sooner or later the children or the teachers will come up with some way to use them.  On this day I received eighteen 5×7 clear acrylic plaques.  A blog that I follow (ThinkinEd) did a post on the art of lines with portrait painting and transparencies. I was so inspired, I knew the children could do a variation on this by drawing each other. Graduation was rapidly approaching and I wanted the children to have a friendship keepsake. We began in pairs with the children sitting across from each other, one the artist, the other the model.



We used white board markers to outline the faces. This allowed the children to wipe off and erase.


Later they would trace and color with Sharpies for the final product.




Here one boy studies his drawing with thought and curiousity.  He experiments with his finger to see if he can erase the lines of the marker.


They were so excited to draw their friends, they lined up patiently to do this. They drew with care, detail and focus.


We purchased small easels to display at graduation.  We also added photos to document the process.


IMG_5983 IMG_5982 IMG_5984


This turned out better than expected. The children were so proud of their work and they were beyond thrilled that this was a gift from “each other”.  So the next time a parent begins a question with, “Could you use…”  Say “YES!”  You or the children will come up with something!!

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