Framing Nature With Nature (part three)

After Recording Nature we continued to marvel at the children’s work. We didn’t want to send it home just yet.   We asked ourselves, “how can we display this so families and teachers would understand the children’s journey?” We were inspired to bring their work to the next level. So we went back outside for continued discovery.  We set up a new provocation, asking the children to bring their nature discoveries indoors.  There was one rule; the children could only collect “loose” items.  Anything that was “attached” was off limits and they really understood why and respected the rule. So our final post in our Framing Nature series needs little description. The pictures speak for themselves.  Warning: each picture is more beautiful than the next. Enjoy!P1170093

We headed to the garden and the children immediately went over to the large asparagus crop.  On the ground they identified the asparagus foliage. They asked if they could use them and we said “if it is on the ground and not attached then it is yours for the taking.” They were excited with this discovery and quickly grabbed a few.


Some of the children asked to use scissors for grass clippings, we agreed and explained that it was ok to cut since the grass gets a hair cut every week by the landscapers and their lawn mowers.


They took their nature findings inside.



The children looked at their discoveries and started framing their drawings with nature.






Some did more and some did less. All the children created their nature frames with purpose and confidence.

P1170132 P1170131

We laminated the final creations to preserve their timeless beauty.  Next we had the children hole punch and thread natural rope through the holes to allow the frames to hang on the wall. We documented with pictures of each child recording their findings.  We had come full circle, we used nature to help frame nature . We displayed them for our graduation celebration.




Although it is now one month later I am still in awe of how this evolved and how engaged the children were in the process.   Love when it all comes together and works!!  Feel free to leave feedback and please join me in my enthusiasm by sharing.

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