Recording Nature (part two)

After Framing Nature, the children used their clipboards and writing utensils to draw and record their observations from our nature hike around the school. The children supported their engagement with nature through the writing process.  Please take a moment and read their words. They are detailed and dictated with purpose and wonder. IMG_5587



IMG_5802 (1)


IMG_5605 (1)



Clipboards, outdoors, and nature empowered the children to investigate and pause.






The children recorded their findings with great detail and inspiration. They focussed on their observations and remained committed to recording and interpreting the beauty around them.  We loved their sustained engagement!

Next up, part three: how we framed nature with nature and displayed it all.

3 thoughts on “Recording Nature (part two)

  1. This is an incredibly well written description of what Nan’s class was doing all around our facility. Watching the children go through this process was early childhood heaven. They were deep in thought, calm, serious and happy. The process was perfect and the outcome, remarkable!

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