Framing Nature: The beginning

Late spring we took the children outside to discover and frame nature. They were given clipboards, paper, pencil and foam frames.  We went on a hike around the school and encouraged each group to explore, investigate and make inquiries on all that was surrounding them. The frames were used to focus on an observation for further study. IMG_5583


The sunlight hit the frame creating beautiful shadows.



Collaboration and discovery came together,


Insects became part of the discovery.



Notice two children trying to “capture” the insect on the sidewalk in the next picture.


The children sat, focussed and recorded their findings.


And continued to look for more nature to frame.


There was so much engagement in this activity that it became a lesson rich with wonder and awe.  The children paused, they noticed and they explored more deeply.  It was so incredible to listen to the conversations and watch connections happening with all that was surrounding them. This was not some place new for them.  This was a place they were familiar with.  A place they came to every weekday.  But this morning it all changed, this day was different. They stopped, they noticed, they were thoughtful. They discovered with different eyes.  We were awed by their awe.   Next, Recording Nature (part two) 

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