Mysterious Foot Prints

One morning I was walking into school and I noticed foot prints on the sidewalk leading to the door.  I stopped and saw this as a teachable moment and quickly snapped a few pics to use for further inquiry with the children in my class.IMG_5777


At circle time I showed the pictures to the children and asked them if they knew who or what made these foot prints? A discussion began with lots of ideas. I had them draw their thoughts in their journals.





Then I asked, “how do you think the foot prints were made when there was no water on the sidewalk?”


(Sara Losch is our much loved school director). So we set up an experiment.  I put a small amount of water into a cup and placed construction paper scraps for the children to imprint. I then asked the children to hold up three fingers to see if they could duplicate the foot prints onto the paper by dipping their fingers in the water.




The children began to experiment with the water and construction paper. They got excited when they found the water was like glue and stuck the papers together.  Imprints were quickly forgotten with this new discovery. Once again water takes over.

IMG_5833 IMG_5835


And some beautiful creations were discovered all from water and construction paper.  And best of all there was lots of collaboration, engagement and inquiry!  And if you were wondering who made the footprints check out the next picture.  They are one of many frequent “wildlife” visitors to our preschool.  More on them another day.


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