In Search of Puddles

Today was a cloudy humid day so we put on water shoes or rain boots and headed out in search of puddles. Although it rained yesterday we thought we could find puddles for jumping in some where in the neighborhood.  As we searched we made discoveries a long the way..First up, the woods; “Do you see any puddles we could jump into?” I asked. Answer: “No we see nature”


The search continued: “I wonder how that rock got moved?”I asked.  J says” I know lets try to move it back”After suggesting the teachers help move it and realizing it wasn’t going to work, we moved forward in our search. IMG_6045 (3)

We came upon a pot hole.. JR says, “Here’s where the puddles are because it’s a really big hole!”IMG_6048

No puddle to be found in our really big hole so we moved on and finally discovered: A Puddle!!  a small puddle, a tiny puddle, nevertheless it was identified and unanimously declared a puddle.

IMG_6049 (1)

Next up:  A sewage drain, we stopped and looked closely.  We saw water running through it.  We listened, we examined and had all sorts of ideas where the water was going and where it came from. (note to self: this is where a voice recorder would come in handy!)


It was time to return home and have a snack.  Our puddle adventure walk was filled with exploration but not very many puddles.   We returned to school and to our surprise we found in our very own playground lots of puddles on the cover of our sandbox!  And we puddle jumped!

IMG_6040 (1)

Once again the properties of nature engaged and delighted the children.  Their inquiry never stopped and their conversation flowed with each other and their teachers.  They explored, took risks and laughed all the way through the journey.  In the end we didn’t need puddles we had our outdoor classroom to explore!

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