The Great Potato Chip Taste Test

It all started with a recurring question, “What’s your favorite chip?”  When we heard different answers we decided to explore the different varieties of potato chips. So we had a chip tasting event. We used 18 different bags of chips.


First we predicted what we thought we would like and what we thought we wouldn’t like.


We set out the chips creating a graph underneath each selection.  Smiley faces were drawn for the likes column and frown faces for the dislikes. The children would write their name under the appropriate column depending on their preference.

IMG_5397 (1)

Next we tasted..


and tasted some more…


We even invited other classes to come in and taste (they were too young to write their names so they drew smiley faces or sad faces or circles).

IMG_5440 (1)

we then revealed the “environmental print” for each chip

IMG_5431 (4)

Once we finished we read our graph and totaled the columns to see which was the favorite and which was the least favorite. We hung it for everyone to see! Whats your favorite potato chip?

IMG_5456 (2)

See how we explored potatoes next!

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